Core Values

At Covenant Church, we believe Christianity is better than a list of rules, and more than believing the right things. The Christian life is a life transformed by the gospel, experienced in community, and lived out for the glory of God and the good of others. If you want a glimpse of what we are all about, below are our core values.

Generous: We seek to be generous to those in need in our community, both as a church, and as individuals.

Authentic: We seek to remain true to the Scriptures, to the biblical example of worship, and to each other, sharing in struggles and victories.

Relational: We seek to invest in the lives of others, both inside our church and outside our church. Our goal is to develop biblical community with each other. Therefore, we seek to be a part of each other’s lives outside of church, by sharing meals together, serving the community together, and simply enjoying life with each other.

Missional: We seek to model God, the ultimate missionary, by being ambassadors of the gospel. We do this by taking the gospel to people of all backgrounds, social status, and ethnicity. We seek to live as missionaries within our community and encourage God’s mission throughout the world.

Gospel-Centered: We seek to be motivated by the life-changing work of Christ in order to offer restoration to all people. The gospel impacts and guides every aspect of our lives.