At Covenant Church, we believe Christianity is better than a list of rules, and more than believing the right things. The Christian life is a life transformed by the gospel, experienced in community, and lived out for the glory of God and the good of others.

Core Beliefs

  • Gospel-Centered: We seek to be motivated by the life-changing work of Christ that offers restoration to all people. The gospel impacts and guides every aspect of our lives.
  • Authentic: We seek to remain true to the Scriptures, to the biblical example of worship, and to each other.
  • Relational: We seek to invest in the lives of others, fostering biblical community. We share meals, serve the community together, and simply enjoy life with each other.
  • Missional: We seek to live as missionaries in our community while encouraging God's mission worldwide. We do this by taking the gospel to people of all backgrounds, social statuses, and ethnicity.
  • Generous: We seek to be generous to those in need around us.

What We Believe